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  1. [How To] Need instructions on getting offsets
  2. [Question] Gathering profiles to use with EWT?
  3. [Question] What's the best bot for Netherwing / TBC 2.4.3?
  4. [How To] Fishbot for classic some advice needed
  5. Looking for 5.4.8 bot
  6. [Request] WoW Bot BFA?
  7. [Question] Rotation bot Classic (preferably non-memory)
  8. [Question] Pirox 3.3.5a ghost rezz no work.
  9. Anyone with WOW LK 3.3.5 (1234) working bot here?
  10. How to add command for sit down until my health is full in pirox bot?
  11. [Request] Tauri wow private server PQR offsets (reward)
  12. [Question] Free Lua Unlocker?
  13. [How To] How to: Vendor/mailing on Lazybot (3.3.5 WoW version)
  14. [Question] Lazybot herb Node harvest problem
  15. [Request] Macros to move to a coord.
  16. Any way to play with old models?
  17. [Question] Pathfinding
  18. [Question] Is there a updated bot for 8.2 for combat rotations for pve? Specifically for Rogue
  19. [How To] Why Pixel Botting is Detected
  20. [Question] WoW Mailbox open without clicking?
  21. [Question] New to using Bots, looking for a good Auction House Bot
  22. Options for Combat Bot?
  23. Multiboxing new follow in bg idea
  24. [Request] Looking for working Spell Morper
  25. [Request] Anti-AFK for Classic
  26. [Question] There are no hacks & bots for BFA 8.0.1?
  27. [Question] Is Warden weaker on macOS and/or Linux?
  28. [Question] classic rotation bot
  29. [Request] [CLASSIC] Nameplate Draw Distance Hack Request
  30. [Request] Basic lua unlock for stuff like DR that doesn't require advanced unlock?
  31. [Question] Existence of Official Server combat bots?
  32. [Request] Fish on Bfa
  33. Can anybody help me<-----
  34. [Question] [Classic] Question about AHK script detectability, Blizzard would ban me or not care?
  35. [Question] Facing a waypoint
  36. [Question] Levelling bot for WoW Classic
  37. [Question] What happened to Soapbox rotations?
  38. [Question] Help AutoTrap pwow
  39. [Question] Classic Qia + anti-afk
  40. [Question] Any guides on making a pixel bot?
  41. [Question] Suggestions regarding a retail farming bot
  42. [Question] Working bot for wow classic with fast access
  43. [Question] Looking for spam bot\advertisting website
  44. [Question] LAzybot 3.3.5 assistance needed
  45. [Question] [Where do I]/[Who to ask] noob questions?
  46. [Question] Currently the best bot to use ?
  47. [Question] Botting programs used
  48. [Request] Any rotation bot currently undetected by Warmane?
  49. [Question] Exploits with a lua unlocker
  50. [Request] Ascention hacked client
  51. [How To] Sending Mouse Click to minimized wow window
  52. [Question] Retail Rotation Bot (GGLoader?)
  53. [Question] bot banned wave ?
  54. [Request] Want to buy custom made fishing bot! Can you code it for me? (Classic as well)
  55. [Question] PQR Offsets Apollo 2 (4.3.4 exe / 4.0.6 Server)
  56. [Question] Anybody knows how to do a virtual click on an anonymous frame element?
  57. [Question] What are my chances to get banned for this?
  58. [Request] I need a private AV farm bot.
  59. [Request] 2.4.3 bot (wow tbc) needed
  60. [Question] GSE Gnome Sequencer Enhanced is bannable?
  61. [Question] (Retail) Using fishing bot while watching it
  62. [Question] BFA and MMAPS Generated Files
  63. [Question] Need pvp bot/script/automation for 2.4.3 tbc arena
  64. [Question] Cheapest accounts available
  65. [Question] How do you get PQ Interface working on Warmane 3.3.5a?
  66. [Request] Reqeust: Radar
  67. [Request] LF a pixel bot
  68. [Request] LF bot for fishing in Wotlk 3.3.5a
  69. [Question] Is botting still possible?
  70. [Question] No GCD wow
  71. How to setup WoW + Bot on a VM?
  72. [Question] lazybot wow sirus
  73. [Question] Warden mem reading and LLKHF_INJECTED
  74. [Question] Rotations for 7.3.5?
  75. [Request] My kingdom for a radar for Retail
  76. [Request] Looking for a bot for Classic WoW
  77. [Request] Looking for leveling/ gold farming bot.
  78. [Question] Remote Auction House bots in retail
  79. [Request] LF 4.3.4 Object manager with LOS check
  80. [Question] is it safe to use cheats on alt bnet account?
  81. [How To] How to make bot jump down (DME Lashers)
  82. [Question] Pathfinding with Recast/Detours and NPC on different Level
  83. [Question] Bots/Rotation bots for a 8.2 private server?
  84. [Question] Is gold mining still profitable?
  85. [Request] In-process C# API?
  86. [Question] What are the recommended precautions one can employ when botting in Classic WoW?
  87. [Question] Any Farm Bot or Quest Bot For WoW BFA ? [ NOT COMBAT ROTATION ]
  88. [Question] Linux + Wine: is it a potential layer of protection?
  89. [Question] Any skinning or gold farming bots?
  90. [Question] Looking for Gather/Fish bot for 8.2 Private server
  91. [Request] WTB private script/bot
  92. [Request] The EWT robot pays.
  93. [Request] Wtb pqr profile for private serv 3.3.5
  94. [Question] Recast+Detour navmesh from cmangos - where's my cactus! (missing objects in nav mesh)
  95. [Question] Lua Unlcoked Addons/Macro's
  96. [Request] [Request] Dark rotations
  97. [Request] WTB A BFA Custom PVP Script Addon / prefer working with LUABOX/EWT unlockers
  98. [Request] Lua unlocker BFA [LF]
  99. [How To] Coordinates In Dungeon
  100. [Request] Make money on your bot
  101. [Request] Been gone for 4 years, need new bot!!
  102. [Request] WTB Bot for BFA
  103. [Request] [Honorbuddy] Local Authenticator for 5.4.8?
  104. [Question] Is it worth to use a rotation bot in WoW?
  105. [Request] Wtb bfa bot
  106. [Question] Is any Auction House Bot available for 3.3.5a?