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  1. Botting in Garrison?
  2. [REQUEST] WoW Radar or similar for 2.4.3
  3. Proving Grounds Bot
  4. Auto lock-on bot?
  5. [Question] Is there any bot to farm Archeology?
  6. Requesting Update of HB plugin
  7. bot 4 WOD 6.2.3 (20779)
  8. Let's settle it: Is there or is there not a working 2.4.3 leveling bot out there?
  9. Looking for someone with coding skills/knowledge
  10. Vanilla bots
  11. [Request] Leveling and gathering bot for wow tbc 2.4.3 OR assistance with PVPtool
  12. SoapBoxRotations Questions
  13. Navigation Bot
  14. Target lowest health enemy
  15. what bots are people using now a days aside from HB (Which i think is dead now)
  16. [Request] Cobrascales skinning profile - shadowmoon valley
  17. Request - FishBot /Any bots 3.3.5
  18. Fishing Bots, do they use LEFT or RIGHT-click on mouse???
  19. Request- Speed Hack?
  20. What are good pvp firehack scripts?
  21. OSX Bots in development [non rotation]?
  22. Ppather / Tasks - Any related resources
  23. Botting and Account Bans
  24. Battleground and PvP or rotation bot for 5.4.8
  25. Alternative to HB and Rarekiller Plugin?
  26. Any pvp rotations?
  27. What is Firehack
  28. Any good gathering bots?
  29. Combat Rotations bot (Dungeons/pvp)
  30. [WoW 6.2] Bot List. wich you prefer, n' why ?
  31. [Question] Which bot to choose?
  32. WoW Addon API - IsTargetFriendly
  33. PQR unholy pvp profile for 5.4.8
  34. honorbuddy
  35. Gathering Bot 2.4.3
  36. Best fishbotting locations for making gold?
  37. Gathering Bots
  38. Best Paid Bots?
  39. ReBot?
  40. HB Combat Routines
  41. Question about Lua Unlock.
  42. Soapbox Rotations
  43. Need some help with my LazyBot 3.3.5
  44. SBR Tank Questions
  45. Looking for Fishing bot
  46. LF dev that works with multiple wow patches
  47. Honorbuddy doesnt load profiles
  48. OSX Lua Unlock
  49. WRobot Vs Rebot Thoughts?
  50. Mac OSX 1.12.1 / 3.3.5 Hacks (wow.app)
  51. Leveling / Gathering Duo Bots
  52. Working Gathering Bot for 3.3.5
  53. Gold bank for cleaning the botted goods/gold
  54. [Request] Any decent teleporter?
  55. [Request] Wpe filters ?
  56. [Request] PQR/Kickbot Pandawow 5.4
  57. [Question] Lua buff/debuff question
  58. [Question] Death knight PVP rotation
  59. [Question] More LUA questions.
  60. [Request] CameraDistanceMax Unlocker
  61. [Question] Regarding Trial Accounts
  62. [Question] [Legion] Is about to launch, what bots are you using and how do they perform?
  63. [Question] Help!! Pwnboxer wow 3.3.5
  64. [Question] what lua unlocker working right now?
  65. [Question] Boting on same pc as main acount
  66. [Question] WTF Fishing ?
  67. [Question] Bot with the most [community] support?
  68. [Request] 3.3.5 Arm Warrior PVE PQR profile
  69. [Question] Herb / Mining Engine query
  70. [Question] 3.3.5 wotlk questing bots ?
  71. [Request] PQR 3.3.5 Assassination Rogue
  72. [Question] What is the best paid WoW Bot
  73. [Request] Lazy Bot for Legion?
  74. [Question] AH Bots any good ones
  75. [Request] Any program that will automatically queue for dungeons(call to arms) when its up?
  76. [Request] 5.4.8:18414 farming bot?
  77. [Question] What bot should i be looking for in terms of gold + another question
  78. [Question] Please?
  79. [Question] Anti AFK with simple spambot
  80. [Question] Any auto clickers that work with WOW Legion?
  81. [Question] Gold Seller Question
  82. [Question] ReBot down?
  83. [Request] Simple bot for mount farm
  84. [Question] WoW Lua
  85. [Question] Am i still able to recruit myself on EU by using RU battlechest ?
  86. [Question] Which Fishingbot to use?
  87. [Request] Finding Offsets
  88. [Question] Starting wow.exe with login info
  89. [Question] passive bot/combat routine bot
  90. [Question] WoW Bot - LF Passive Bot
  91. [Request] cast defensive cd when someone started casting something on me
  92. [Question] Dungeon bot? As tank or healer..
  93. [Question] Chances of getting banned for only AHK?
  94. [Question] Alternative to Honorbuddy for BGs?
  95. [Question] Completely disable WoW from rendering
  96. [Question] Safest bot out now?
  97. [Question] Safest Fishing/Farming bot.
  98. [Question] Where do you sell your gold?
  99. [Request] [Yeti Sonar] Useful things to track in legion
  100. [Question] Level/grind bot that hasn't been target by a major ban wave?
  101. [Question] Botting in WoW
  102. [Question] High risk getting banned from Bot Leveling?
  103. [Question] Safety of passive bots ?
  104. [Question] Botting Sellers
  105. [Question] Which bot for 2.4.3 private server?
  106. [Question] are there any nice up-to date auction house bots?
  107. [Question] Powerlevelers that Bot
  108. [Request] Looking for Pokemon Pet Battle Bot.
  109. [Question] Chimpeon like key sender / mouse recorder
  110. [Question] Was an AnthaxBot user... There's any similar now on Legion?
  111. [Question] Getting disconnected with autoclicker
  112. [Request] BG Macros
  113. [Question] Bot to farm rare mobs
  114. [Request] Private Paid Leveling Bots?
  115. [Request] PQR 3.3.5 PVE Combat Rogue routine
  116. [Question] a "ban" question
  117. [Question] Private Paid Bots
  118. [Question] Preventing Chargebacks
  119. [Question] Best Paid FireHack PvE Routines
  120. [Question] AH Bot?
  121. [Question] xenRotation or HandsFree?
  122. [Question] Bot for Gathering (Herbalism+Mining)
  123. [Question] Target & kill totem?
  124. [Question] Best Rotation/SemiBot Software?
  125. Best druid routine?
  126. [Request] Unholy Secret Artifact AFK Farm Bot
  127. [Question] What's the best PvP Demo Warlock Combat Routine to purchase?
  128. SBR Alternative?
  129. [Question] Wod private server query
  130. [Question] hands down "best" PVE routine at the moment?
  131. [Question] will my main account get flagged or banned or anything?
  132. [Question] How much do private scripts go for?
  133. [Question] Trying to clarify how bots work these days
  134. [Question] Working AH Sniper Bot (or Bot for TSM)
  135. [Question] Botting on Kronos?
  136. [Question] Another Ban Question
  137. [Question] Honor Buddy Spirit beasts northrend profile
  138. [Question] Is there any working BG Bots in Legion?
  139. [Question] The real all-in-one BOT choices atm (wow 7.1)
  140. [Request] Passive herb loot bot?
  141. [Question] What are to best options for Rotation bots and Leveling bots?
  142. [Question] TuanHA, GoHandsFree, XenRotations, Gladiator Suite?
  143. [Question] Issue with Lazy Bot for wow 3.3.5
  144. [Question] Looking for a 3.3.5 BOT (Battleground) / or close to it
  145. [Question] Is the HB team incompetent? They've been detect since mid WoD.
  146. [Question] Are there any undetected bots?
  147. [Question] Make worth the risk of botting/€ suggestion + help!
  148. [Question] Best PVE CR?
  149. [Request] Neutral Faction hack-impossible to target or make hackers in arena crash
  150. [Question] Need help with Lua Script error
  151. [Question] Security Risks of a Private Bot
  152. [Question] Bot Related Questions
  153. PQR and Profiles for Vanilla 1.12.1 ?
  154. [Question] How do you deal with Warrior PQR'ing? (Bash, istant overpower)
  155. [Request] Free WoW Bot
  156. [Question] Safe bots for wow?
  157. [Question] Anyone using Vmware for stuff? I can't stop the mouse glitches.
  158. [Question] [PQR] Lines that makes fps drop (and don't work) // PQR_IsOutOfSight
  159. Best WoW nowadays ?
  160. [Question] Rotationbots ?!
  161. [Question] Any Mac os x bots about nowadays?
  162. [Request] LF Fishing Bot for Legion
  163. [Question] How to find RC4 key offset in wow.exe?
  164. [Question] List of current Bots
  165. Farming bot advise.
  166. [Question] How do you code WW monk mastery?
  167. [Question] Looking for Wrath Sylvanas Model morph ID
  168. [Question] Non injecting CR bots
  169. [Question] Handsfree CR Bot
  170. [Question] Can we trade for free here
  171. [Request] PQR_IsOutOfSight alternative for pqr 1.1.1 (LoS)
  172. [Question] AH Bots?
  173. Record the sequence of using skills in a combat
  174. [Question] PQR offests for modified wow on private server
  175. [Question] Why doesn't Soapbox Rotation have an active Forum?
  176. [Request] Prompt some rotation bots or addons.
  177. [Question] WoW lua unlocker source code, where to get?
  178. [Request] LF Way to Sync Addons and WTF folder
  179. [Question] Bot for lvling 1-60
  180. [Question] warrior rotation
  181. [Question] C# EasyHook calling the original function crashes the program
  182. [Question] Mogu'shan Palace ?
  183. [Request] Just A Morpher 6.2.3 20779
  184. [Request] Spell reflection wotlk
  185. [Question] Best Vanilla Bot?
  186. [Request] Wotlk swd script
  187. [Question] ZZUKBOT vs VanillaBotter
  188. [Request] 3.3.5 Arena Dodge Script (for teammates, not enemies)
  189. [Request] Any battleground bots for 5.4.8?
  190. [Question] Profile or BOT for herbalism farming
  191. [Question] How to determine whether the quest completed, after the quest has been turne
  192. [Question] How risky is bg botting atm
  193. [Question] Any 1-90 levelling bot for MoP 5.4.8 private server?
  194. [Question] LazyBot 3.3.5a - doesn't gather nodes
  195. [Question] Stupid weakaura Q
  196. [Question] Undetectable keypresses
  197. [Request] Looking to buy private bot
  198. [Question] Bot that records your movement and clicking
  199. [Question] Yeti Sonar tracking list
  200. [Question] Mac OSX bot anything being worked on???
  201. [Question] Need botting tips
  202. [Request] Bot for ETERNAL WOW Remorse farm
  203. [Question] General question about botting
  204. [Question] Has anyone ever made an entire farming-bot with much much pixel-reading in AutoIt?
  205. [Question] Any FLAT felslate farming place in Legion, or an algorithm to avoid cliffs?
  206. [Question] what bot can auto open mail windows and receive mail?
  207. [Request] The current landscape of cheating in WoW
  208. [Question] What bot can be easily used by a beginner or a total newb to all of this?
  209. [Question] good bot for farming golds wow
  210. [Question] I'm thinking of using a bot - have some general questions!
  211. Reflect script
  212. [Question] [WROBOT] Vanilla Dungeon Profiles
  213. [Question] Best Rotation bot with best security ?
  214. [Request] [PQR]Help with PQR for warmane.
  215. [Request] Looking for a questing bot for 3.3.5
  216. [Request] [PQR]PVP Rogue profile for 3.3.5A/Warmane.
  217. [Question] Help on setting up a small bot farm??
  218. [Question] Yeti Wild Catch
  219. [Request] EWT - Auto Random Dungeon Join
  220. [Question] Is Honorbuddy Compromised?
  221. [Request] Anti-Delist in Premade Finder
  222. [Request] Rotations Bot for lvl 100
  223. [Question] Do we have any free leveling/questing BOT for WoW Legion?
  224. [Request] Working MoP 5.4.8 leveling bot (paid/free + profiles)
  225. [Question] use ability to counter what the enemy is about to do
  226. [Question] What is the best PvP rotation bot?
  227. [Question] MaxDPS
  228. [Request] Working Questing bot for TBC 2.4.3 1-70?
  229. [Request] [PQR] PvP Skill Amplifier: BG Killing Blow Leecher
  230. [Request] LF Tmorph older versions
  231. [Question] Please answer me! I really appreciate :)!! <3
  232. [Question] HB replacement
  233. [Question] Selling char from my battle net and then buying on same acc.
  234. Looking for a serious (beginner) guide on how to make 3.3.5 script hacks.
  235. [Question] If I bot on an alt account, does my main have any risk of being banned?
  236. [Question] SoapBox Rotations
  237. [Question] Has anyone tried new Tuanha routines?
  238. [Request] WTB Voidtalon farm profile! Paying good
  239. [Request] Paying for Premade Group Finder Bot
  240. [Request] WTB Very specific Honorbuddy profile (Paying Well)
  241. [Request] Map Locations
  242. [Request] WTB Battleground Profiles Vanilla
  243. [Request] WTB 2.4.3 TBC Rogue Raiding/Farming Bot
  244. [How To] farmprofiles honorbuddy and wrobot
  245. [Request] addon for advertising
  246. REQUEST: 64bit exe
  247. [Question] How to tell when a lootable item has spawned under cursor?
  248. [Question] Best rotation program/setup for Havoc DH ?
  249. [Request] LF BOT for spamming/advertising in LFG
  250. [Question] Nameplates marks etc..