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  1. Another 'Best Bot'?
  2. [Question] Sandbox to experiment with own Bot
  3. WoW Pandashan
  4. [REQUEST] Lazybot for 5.4.2
  5. [Request] HB Profile : Black Wing Lair & Onyxia Farm
  6. So what are they unable to detect?
  7. Looking for HB Quest profile codder to help me, can pay some
  8. [Help PQR] Not interrupt on focus on "x" buffs
  9. [Help PQR] How can i use a custom key (not CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, etc) for example: IsLeft
  10. Interrupt bot?
  11. anti afk
  12. Are Honor Buddy's paid combat routines worth it?
  13. Automated Pet Win Trading
  14. Shadow Word: Death Bot
  15. Creating a new bot
  16. Honorbuddy Still Prone to Bans?
  17. [PQR] 5.0.5 Private Servers
  18. [PQR Help] local onEvent "UNIT_SPELLCAST_SUCCEEDED"
  19. Why sometimes keeps spamming one abilitie?
  20. is this possible when I am casting ?
  21. [REQUEST] TuanHA Warrior Arena Settings
  22. [Request/Question] 2.4.3 Morpher
  23. PQR Healer's profiles [request]
  24. WTB help with HB Plugin to detect Auctioneer Buyout Snipe Popup
  25. World\WMO\Dungeon WMO file position and scale
  26. PQR 1.1 crashes @ startup under winxp
  27. Pandashan tMorph or Model replace
  28. Change where battlemaster stands in pirox
  29. HB Gathering Profile
  30. PvP Interrupt bot?
  31. PE LUA Help
  32. Honorbuddy buy gear from catch up vendor
  33. Simple bot that follows player and attacks its target
  34. [Request] Remove GlueXML Protection 5.x.x
  35. Question about my ban.
  36. [Paid assistance] Unit Party Number
  37. Coolfish Bot Issue
  38. Seeking pet battle/grinding bot.
  39. Trouble writing a gatherbuddy profile
  40. What is the best WoW bot for my purpose?
  41. What can bots do for me?
  42. Honorbuddy Dungeonbuddy full team
  43. Lf 6.0.2 lua unlocker
  44. Possible in a tool/hack/device?
  45. Confused...
  46. HonorBuddy
  47. List of WoW windows with gold
  48. Old version of HonorBuddy (3.3.5a or 4.3.4)
  49. Plz help with pqr offsets
  50. LazyBot 1.7 on Molten WoW 3.3.5a not looting, help much appreciated!
  51. Question about safety of using a VPN while running a bot.
  52. Arena Cap
  53. Offering my services for FREE, no scam just bored/cant afford gametime
  54. casting pet freeze on target w/o mouse click HELP
  55. Why does Hsphere crash my wow??
  56. Question for lazybot users and its safety
  57. How do I make a PB profile repeat.
  58. [Request] Auto spell reflect/Auto pummel
  59. LOST after level 58 questing with Kick's 1-90 profile - HELP!
  60. [request] Frost DK "right" Attack for Killing Machine Bot
  61. [PQR]LF DR tracker Script
  62. [LF] PQR 4.3.4 DK,WAR,HUNTER and PALADIN profiles
  63. battle pet damage
  64. PQR/PE in Molten ...
  65. Toggle OOC Autocast On / Off
  66. LF Wotlk 3.3.5 PVP and PVE Dk PQR Profiles.
  67. Can I get someone I HATE banned?
  68. Find updated function/code in 6.0.2
  69. [BOT][Question] Waypoints
  70. [Memory editing] LF offsets login&password 3.3.5a
  71. Issue with Pirox 2.4.3 PVP
  72. I still like PQR,
  73. Packet Tool for WoW client
  74. Looking for help updating an Old Plugin for honorbuddy
  75. PQR for Uwow
  76. Wow botting profitable?
  77. Botting with any VPN, recommendable?
  78. Wow 3.3.5 Crossmap Id program.
  79. PQR similar bot?
  80. [PE] Rotation isn't showing up in Custom Rotations in-game
  81. level 90-100
  82. Auction House Bot that makes gold?
  83. Best Instance For Gold Farming (GPH).
  84. Anticheat Molten ... dude
  85. What is the current simple go to fishing bot?
  86. Sending over bot gold to safe acc.
  87. Friend bots and sends me herbs/ores to sell. Risk of getting banned ?
  88. [Question] How to Get WoD Botting accounts?
  89. Best Way to make the most GPH with a Bot. (Not Instances)
  90. Pqr
  91. what is a decent free bot to use in a few weeks?
  92. Mining bot for MoP (5.4.2)
  93. Earnings from low-risk botting
  94. Morpher
  95. Request: advanced teleport
  96. Best Multi Bot
  97. how to check Distance between pet and target ? GetAreaMapInfo got error
  98. Whats the best bot programs out there?
  99. best honorbuddy Profiles
  100. Is this possible technically?
  101. Help With Honorbuddy.
  102. [Request] iKick/Interrupter for 5.4.1
  103. how to get target Specialization info
  104. Minimap Track Hack 5.4.2
  105. what happened with PE?
  106. New Post Tag Request, Injection/No Injection, Memory Write, Mouse Hook
  107. So who wants to write a garrison mission bot?
  108. Bot Faceoff | 2014 Best Bot?
  109. Massive queues and dc's during wait time, auto log in bot/program?
  110. lua unlocker for ptr
  111. Help with basic dispel script?
  112. Possible bot honeypot in Nagrand
  113. Rotation bot which doesnt have much downtime during new patch day
  114. how to know whether a talent is selected ?
  115. [OSX] - Fishing Bot
  116. [Request] Wrobots profiles
  117. Anything working on MacOs? (no bootcamp or parallel)
  118. Honorbuddy + Questing (german)
  119. HB in a private server?
  120. [HB] Ownedcore Exclusive Honorbuddy Profiles [Taking Requests]
  121. OffSpring and others?
  122. Fly/speed hack that can avoid passive anti cheat system ?
  123. [REQUEST] Best Pet Battle Bot
  124. Yeti Sonar
  125. What happened to offspring?
  126. Profile for hb
  127. Mr fishit 5.4.2 issues
  128. [Question] auto login program
  129. Reported, how long should I wait to bot?
  130. How do i make an XML file to add a profile script?
  131. Wow.exe fix missing?
  132. fishbot 64 bit (BLACKFISH?)
  133. FireHack Commands
  134. Tool to disable greaphic for botting?
  135. request: lua unlocker for mop
  136. BMAH Tracker
  137. Who the hell is 'Bllzardgmeu' ?
  138. FPSWare's Raf Bot
  139. Dont sell BOE items
  140. [REQUEST] Honorbuddy Profile Restarter.
  141. Honnorbuddy restarter?
  142. Fishing Bot for 6.0.3?
  143. Honorbuddy crashing when loading profile
  144. [REQUEST] Pet Battle Bot
  145. Warlords Of Draenor Bot - Leveling
  146. Are any bots working since the 12/3/2014 patch?
  147. Is anyone working on a follower missions bot?
  148. Auction reseller bot
  149. Looking to hire honorbuddy combat routine creator
  150. PvP Kick Bot
  151. Combat Routines
  152. Best gold farming bot?
  153. Unlocking LUA
  155. [QUESTION] Play WoW using proxy
  156. Looking to hire someone to create wow addon
  157. Hello everyone, I am looking for a tool that has been in the BBS
  158. What ever happened to XYZ?
  159. Any Holy Paladin Arena Bot or Profile?
  160. Looking for a rotation bot that is updated for tonights ninja patch...
  161. Anyone minds sharing an updated vr of HB pvp suite profile?
  162. Any WOD 32 Bit Morphers ?
  163. [PQR] Does anyone have an old Orb Bot for MOP?
  164. BoT raid 25m farm REQUEST (video link)
  165. Anyone ever get called out for rotation botting?
  166. Any with Affliction PQR profiles for AT 4.3.3 Realm?
  167. Fishing bait plus lure macro
  168. PVP Pet Battle Bot to get xp for alts in garrison and achieves.
  169. LF Wizardry for 6.0.3
  170. How do I Make a Simple loop in PB?
  171. Rotation Bots
  172. LF 1:1 keystroke returning program
  173. Bot Help when i load Bot Toon name dont show up
  174. I need a leveling BOT
  175. Hunter and Rogue CR
  176. Confused ... I'm a starter
  177. Question about interrupt scripts/porgrams for PvP!
  178. Looking for decent rotation bot
  179. Lazybot 3.3.5 not pulling some monsters
  180. Does anyone here have any experience running a bot network to make gold to sell?
  181. TMorph x64 for 5.4 (Molten-WoW)
  182. [Honorbuddy] Arenas with Combat Routines (while controlling toon)
  183. Fishbot And Lazybot for 5.4.2 Private servers(Mainly Molten)
  184. Lua&PQR Help
  185. LF Auto ashran Q and accept script.
  186. Looking for Botting guru, will pay
  187. [PQR] 3.3.5 Need help with me demolock profile
  188. need help learning to update outdated bot , will pay
  189. need help about multi botting highmaul
  190. Enemy follower bot
  191. PQR Changing CastSpellByID
  192. Question about bot detection
  193. Any 32bit morphers?
  194. Arena rotation bot
  195. Looking for botting expert. Will pay for advice.
  196. I need help ctreating a wow bot
  197. 2.4.3 Farming Bot
  198. Curious if anyone knows of this bot referenced within
  199. Anyone have issues with Razer Naga mouse & WoW 32-bit?
  200. 2.4.3 BoT
  201. Looking for a Collision Disabler for WoW live servers.
  202. [Request] MoP instances packet dumps (for World DB seeding)
  203. Request: Spam tradechat(avoid getting suspended/banned)
  204. [HB] Add InstanceTImer to Dungeon script
  205. Some advice for multi botting ?
  206. WoD Money Making: How?
  207. LF Tmorph 5.4.2
  208. Best bet for raiding profiles?
  209. DR function help.
  210. Need help Maximizing DPS priority for Shadow Priest Routine
  211. How do you make a wow bot?
  212. Top 100 rankings achievable with any rotations?
  213. [REQ ]Bot for PVP Pet Battles win-trading, 2 accs
  214. Warden Security under WINE
  215. silence bot
  216. [REQ] 2.4.3 fishing bot
  217. HB and GarrisonButler Lite
  218. is it possible, and how
  219. Lua unlocker 5.4.8
  220. Botting Question
  221. Lf unholy dk pvp 3.3.5 at pqr profile
  222. Morphing question
  223. Tmorph just stopped working??
  224. Gut fish, cook, then sell.
  225. Are there any bots that will simply fly me to specific locations?
  226. How to inject text into a World of Warcraft chat?
  227. Any (item/gear) morpher for 3.3.5a?
  228. Checking Range with Items
  229. Any bots for gathering
  230. Recommended Bot for Farming Trash?
  231. Cyber ghost vpn question
  232. Bot Questions
  233. Pirox Bot PVPTOOLS 3.3.5a Alterac Valley AFK in the tunnel HELP PLS !
  234. "safer" botting questions
  235. Looking for a Safe Blackmarket Time Tracker & Quick Track for WoD
  236. need help with simple .bat and configuring proxycap for multiple wow.exe
  237. Soapbox Rotations (PQR Version) - help me plzzzzz
  238. Pickpocketing profile
  239. [REQ] Fishbot private 5.4.2
  240. Honorbuddy - Need Kick Bot -
  241. How to use AOE spell at a world position?
  242. PQR for Wrath not working on certain Molten WoW Realm why?
  243. How do you keep botted gold safe?
  244. Any Feral PVP PQR Profiles for 3.3.5?
  245. Is there any way to convert basic rotations to PQR Profiles?
  246. 1.12.1 Grind Bot
  247. [PE] DK Profile
  248. (REQ) 5.4.2 Fishing Bot
  249. Tmorph for Pandawow (5.4.8)
  250. Looking for a decent HB profile