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  1. [Core] [Question] Custom "Vehicle" with Custom Spells
  2. [Core] how to make 4.x.x server
  3. [Misc] Automatic server launcher problem on linux.
  4. [Mangos] TrinityCore2/MangosZero on the same Auth or realmd?
  5. [Trinity] Problems with WorldServer & I have questions.<Trinity>
  6. [Question] Mining Veins won't disappear!
  7. [Misc] DeathKnight Death Strike bug, how to make it work?
  8. [C++ Script] [Trinity] Getting Friendly/Unfriendly Units in Range.
  9. [Core] Who know create 3.3.5a wow server on linux ubuntu?
  10. [Misc] MonsterWow HAck
  11. [C++ Script] [Trinity] How do i get a mob to say a player name?
  12. [Misc] [Question] Is this idea possible?
  13. [Misc] I need a website that will work with the Skyfire core.
  14. [Trinity] cmake error
  15. [Trinity] Skyfire, how do I change the realm type?
  16. [Question][Request] Teleporting?
  17. [C++ Script] Lich King Script Need help
  18. [Database] Navicat items and NPC errors when attempting to add, please help.
  19. [Mangos] [Question] BG Spirit Healer radius
  20. [Repack] wow pvt server 4.0.6 need help
  21. [Lua Script] [Help] Script Problem. Rooted dummies and Looking for a lua testing program
  22. [Misc] script wow 3.5.5 private
  23. [Repack] cant use some commands still
  24. [ArcEmu] Cannot Connect.
  25. [Mangos] My friends cant connect to my server through Hamachi 2.4.3
  26. [Repack] I haven't made a server since BC.
  27. [Database] NPC say after X secounds
  28. [Client] How to get 3.3.5
  29. [Patch] How to apply a patch to Trinitycore ?
  30. [SQL] Random NPC movement
  31. [Trinity] C++ Gossip script commands
  32. [Misc] Any hacks for a 1.12.x Server?
  33. [Misc] Hardcopy Classic WoW Question
  34. [ArcEmu] [Request] Sort of Conquer Script
  35. [ArcEmu] Global Multi-Trainer for ArcEmu? (3.3.5a)
  36. [Database] Help on making custom weapons...
  37. [Mangos] Need help making an old 1.12.1 repack public... willing to pay for help via paypal
  38. [Mangos] no realmlist
  39. [Database] Giving my friend Db Access
  40. [ArcEmu] Help!!!!!!!!
  41. [ArcEmu] Website Help
  42. [Misc] Looking for a server like Chaos Crusade or a "AV server"
  43. [Misc] is it possible to cheat a private servers vote system?
  44. [ArcEmu] Apache problem??
  45. [Misc] 1.12.1 Progression server. Need help!
  46. [Core] Need help with creating a wow private server.
  47. [C++ Script] Trinity Core- How to make a summoned mob heal a boss
  48. [Lua Script] My Boss Script
  49. [ArcEmu] [Request] I need a boss script for 3 bosses
  50. [Misc] Good webhost and domain for a private server?
  51. [Trinity] [C++] NPC Gossip Option Problem
  52. [Trinity] C++ Announce system
  53. [Mangos] Adding post-Vanilla items to Mangos Zero?
  54. [ArcEmu] NPCs miss every strike on player.
  55. [Core] Update 3.3.2 -> 3.3.5 (Heathstone)
  56. [Trinity] Talent Changes
  57. [Arc Emu] Problems with making server public ( stuck at logging in to game server)
  58. [Trinity] Make unplayable races playable / make NPC-only skins usable
  59. [4.2.0] OPT CODE Help.
  60. [Repack] Looking for most complete 3.3.5(a) repack
  61. [Core] World Server giving me a crash dump file
  62. [Core] Ascent emu ?
  63. [Client] People i need your Help i wan start a new WoW server that is a Private server
  64. [Core] I want to start from scratch - skyfire
  65. [Trinity] NPC please talk with me!!!
  66. [ArcEmu] WebSite problem
  67. [Mangos] Ticket system for Mango patch 1.12
  68. [Trinity] Auto-Learn Spell Ranks
  69. [Question] Zeppelin's Flightpath
  70. [Repack] PvP Bug
  71. [Lua Script] Server Hook function? is it correct?
  72. [Core] Server guild for mac?
  73. [Trinity] Jeutie's blizzlike repack problems
  74. [Misc] PHP Help Please. :)
  75. [Core] How To make WoW 4.2.0 server public :)
  76. [Client] Emulate Software: Trainer 1.1 & Trainer 1.3 - Classic WoW(1.12)
  77. [Trinity] Modify Achievements HELP!
  78. Twink Revive?
  79. [Vanilla wow] Fishing Bot
  80. [Repack] Looking for a Repack or sources for a 2.1.3 Server
  81. [Misc] Need a voting system!
  82. Realm crash, help fast!
  83. [Trinity] IM-type Chat for Website
  84. [Misc] Windows 7 and Portforwarding
  85. [Repack] Looking for any repack with patch 4.0 - 4.2
  86. [Database] Total noob wanting to research on ways to fully edit the outfits of custom NPCs
  87. [Core] 4.3 private server
  88. [Misc] Can't loggin?
  89. [Core] Compile / Updating Core, some questions
  90. [Patch] a got patch 4.0.0 need too patch up too 4.0.6 help please!
  91. [Misc] Requesting Msn/teamviewer help
  92. [Core] Using IP from a different machine to run server
  93. [C++ Script] How i can make vBulletin Website? Read More...
  94. [Database] problem with DATA BASE,mangos;characters;realmd;scriptdev2
  95. 2.4.3 servers
  96. [Misc] binds unsuccessful
  97. [Lua Script] Please help with npc script
  98. [Core] When i login into the server and get the "realm choose page" it has no realm there?
  99. [Repack] Looking for a repack... (List of Questions)
  100. [Misc] GM Status on registration page
  101. [Trinity] Won't allow talent points.
  102. [Repack] LF 3.0.9 repack
  103. [Trinity] looking for a nice guy to help!
  104. [Repack] Cataclysm problem
  105. [Trinity] "Nerf an instance"
  106. [SQL] Mangos Data to Trinity Data
  107. [Trinity] 2 Realms on realmlist
  108. [SQL] Visible, untargetable unit?
  109. Looking for an exploit for wow-monster
  110. [Misc] 3.3.5a Vanilla Server request
  111. [OregonCore] stuck on Logging in to game server & fatal error
  112. [Trinity] cant log into realm on internet /lan
  113. Skyfire EMU cant log in to world server :S
  114. [SQL] Editing teleporter
  115. [Trinity] Request: Item stack SQL
  116. [SQL] Instant disconnect when logging in
  117. [C++ Script] [Trinity] Spawn and Delete Gameobjects
  118. Looking for a allready setup 4.2 cata server
  119. [ArcEmu] Problems with World server/database
  120. [Client] Cataclysm Launcher - Where is its web page???
  121. Is there something wrong with my SQL?
  122. [ArcEmu] Problems with items
  123. [Trinity] A couple Gobjects Qs
  124. [Repack] Mission Inpossible
  125. Custom Server needs admins/designers/coders/gms
  126. [ArcEmu] Upgrade item?
  127. [Trinity] Help needed cant get it online
  128. Wpe pro
  129. [Misc] Damage hack need
  130. [Trinity] Some Qs
  131. [Trinity] Datadir in Debian Incorrect?
  132. Wow Cataclysm private servers
  133. [Trinity] Gossip button code box
  134. [Misc] Apache 2.2 Help/setup (account Registration Website)
  135. looking for some bugs on eternion-wow (helping-game for it)
  136. [SQL] OregonCore, SQL ERROR when starting Oregon-Core.exe
  137. [Monster-WoW Repack] Remove Class/Race Combos?
  138. [Misc] Why do Cataclysm servers require custom launchers?
  139. [Lua Script] Just got back into Lua and I have a problem...
  140. [ArcEmu] Is there a way to remove "raid group" requirements?
  141. [Lua Script] Boss Script problem
  142. [ArcEmu] NPC not staying mounted
  143. [Trinity] Characters skill resets?
  144. [Repack Decision] Most 'suitable' Repack for a Roleplaying Server
  145. [Misc] Patched wow.exe for 3.3.5a
  146. [Misc] Skyfire Core: Quest Failed.
  147. Throne of 4 Winds Platform wind jumpers
  148. [Trinity] What DBC file?
  149. [Misc] WoW file extraction
  150. good wotlk server
  151. Death Knight DMG
  152. [Trinity] How to change the armor requirement on an item?
  153. [ArcEmu] Gameobject Script
  154. [Mangos] Gameobject- and MPQ-problem (WoW v3.0.3)
  155. WoW alpha,beta emulators
  156. World of Warcraft beta - error message
  157. [Lua Script] Trying to make something a bit to complicated...
  158. no quests on maps
  159. [Trinity] [SQL] Global Trainer
  160. pry dev server repack?
  161. [Trinity] Someone who can make me a trinity server
  162. How to wintrade 3.3.5a
  163. [SQL] [Trinity] SQL Error Help...
  164. [Lua Script] Addon Drop Down Menus
  165. [Trinity] Core error then shutting down.
  166. [ArcEmu] ArcEmu 3.3.5 repack with flying?
  167. [Misc] i need a luancher
  168. [SQL] MySQL not working?
  169. [ArcEmu] Everything done getting this error?
  170. [ArcEmu] Flying mounts in azeroth 3.3.5
  171. [ArcEmu] Cant find DB update files
  172. [ArcEmu] How to delete/remove class?
  173. [Misc] Looking for a good pvp server
  174. [Patch] Updating from 1.12 to Wrath
  175. [Misc] oregon core webshop issue
  176. [Trinity] Vehicles...
  177. [Database] Anyone managed to find a good 4.0+ item creator yet?
  178. Changing Scale of gobject's
  179. [C++ Script] Ascent 4.0.6
  180. [Trinity] the verdant fields
  181. [Trinity] Updated the displayid of Atiesh, yet its not changed in game?
  182. [Misc] Looking for a proper funserver emu plz help!
  183. [Misc] Need Faction ID's
  184. [Misc] New to this scene, adding or modifying items as a client?
  185. [Repack] Is there a current 4.3 Server Pack?
  186. SRP6 authentication, S client side
  187. [Database] They walk but doesn't run. Creature_proto(?)
  188. [Misc] [Request] Website.
  189. Anyone That Can Setup A Vanilla WoW Server?
  190. LUA Disabler
  191. [Trinity] [DBC/DB] Need Help With Emerald Dream/Forest - Read!
  192. [ArcEmu] Passion-WoW Item Requirements
  193. Item for Gossip Script
  194. WoW Private server repack?
  195. [ArcEmu] Object moving program
  196. [Arcemu] Instant spells ?
  197. Has anyone ever attempted to import maps from other games?
  198. Problem to connect to my server
  199. [Trinity] Server Realmlist help
  200. [Misc] Which emulators use chat links?
  201. [Mangos] Mangos (Zero) Crashing on Start
  202. Requesting help with repacks in Ubuntu
  203. Any good TBC server without superitems
  204. [ArcEmu] ArcEmu Cataclysm
  205. New to Emulators. Looking for a fun time
  206. Any pre-tbc 1x realm?
  207. Donation/Vote system
  208. Custom content for other players?
  209. Resources to help me get started with custom content?
  210. [Problem] Skyfire Emu 4.0.x - Emotes Error: Unknown Language
  211. [Database] Skyfire To ArcEmu DB Converter
  212. Looking for a GM private server
  213. [Client] [Error] - Immediate help wanted: Failed to read adt file - V
  214. [ArcEmu] ArcEmu Registration Page Help
  215. [Trinity] Stuck at "Handshaking"
  216. [ArcEmu] DBC Editor Program?
  217. Private Server Bot Request!!!!!!
  218. Anti-afk / following - for MAC
  219. [Trinity] Lagging on Attack of npc's
  220. [SQL] Mysterious Syntax Error
  221. Mangos platinum, hamachi setup-problem
  222. [Trinity] Armory ?
  223. Decrypt
  224. best 2.4.3 repack now days?
  225. [ArcEmu] VMaps Collision Bugging
  226. [Sandbox] [Request] 3.3.5a Sandbox server
  227. Hamachi and Mangos Platinum problem, Step By Step
  228. [Trinity] Command alteration for Skyfire EMU
  229. [Mangos] [MangosZero] Spirit Guide Help
  230. [Client] Seeking downloads for WoW Alpha Client 5.3 (build 3368) (Dec 2003)
  231. What's the most common private server today?
  232. What hacking programs are people using now days?
  233. Dedicated Server Up for grabs
  234. what should i do on simplest server
  235. [ArcEmu] How can i change the XP for level?
  236. Download to (sql all buildings as gameobjects)?
  237. script not announcing
  238. [C++ Script] cata launcher
  239. [Mangos] Npc gossip issue (Database)
  240. [Lua Script] Spawned creature's.
  241. I need helping getting my server to start up
  242. [Lua Script] "..." is not a valid LUA funcion?
  243. [Trinity] Help Needed - Custom Trainer problem...
  244. [C++ Script] Question about spell scripting
  245. [Lua] Help please
  246. worldserver.conf resetting itself. Emux Trinity
  247. Need some help
  248. [C++ Script] Adding Scripts
  249. [Launcher] How can I create a launcher for my private server?
  250. [Mangos] Tele to Aszhara Crater will not work?