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    ⭐Apex Legends - COVERING BASICS - TIPS & TRICKS by rushboost⭐


    Apex Legends is a very dynamic and fast-paced game with a lot of movement involved in it! Understanding core mechanics might greatly improve not only travel time but also give you an edge in fights. Sliding on momentum when you are moving from the top to the bottom, holstering your weapon in situations where you need to change your position quickly or even good strafing and crouching during the fight might give you great results! Master them and you will be much more successful.



    At the start of your journey with Apex Legends, you should consider what type of a player you are and which playstyle suits you the best when it comes to your gameplay. Are you are a static player who likes to play slowly and methodical? Focus on playing Caustic, Wattson or Gibraltar. Are you are the aggressive player who likes to move quickly on the field? Consider Pathfinder, Wraith, Octane.
    My point is, that every Legend in Apex has different playstyle, spells, and its uniqueness when you play it. Learn your spells to perfection and understand the core mechanics of your character. It's one of the most crucial things which will greatly benefit your gameplay.


    In general classic setup consist of 1 machine gun/sniper rifle/wingman + shotgun. You might ask why? Well, the answer is simple, you are very versatile with such setup - You can fight the enemy at both long and short-range, Apex Legends is a fast-paced game in which you need to be prepared in every possible situation. Shotgun gives you great firepower at a short distance and your primary weapon can be used typically on long-distance - It's hard to define best main weapon outside of shotgun, it depends on the preference and gameplay of player.


    There is many times situation, where you can decide whether is it worth or not to take a fight. RUSHBOOST recommends strongly to scout and gather information before you do so, you might ask why though, Well sometimes enemy has much better equipment, good armor, and better position - Taking that fight might cause a quick death. Try to do great damage before engaging the enemy, surprise them with good position, use your grenades before engage, If your enemy has weaker armor try to punish him for that and play aggressively - Calculate your odds and play around them. The Aim is important in FPS games, however its not everything and you can greatly increase your chances of winning with adaptation in battle.

    Avoid fighting without armor - it's very easy to die without it and using your medkit/syringes is longer than using shield cells/shield batteries!


    As we said earlier, fighting together with your team is very important, however, sometimes you might end up being knocked or even end up dead - that's not a big deal, in Apex Legends you can recover their banner and bring it to respawn beacon and respawn them. Remember that each spawning point can be used only once and your partner will respawn without any gear - also drop-ship which respawns your partner is visible and you might be attacked by another team.

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