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    The Bloodthirsty - Alternative Method

    I am interested in farming HKs for The Bloodthirsty title. I find that BGs are extremely slow due to queue times. I was thinking about leveling an 18 arcane mage on my wow1 and a lv 11 on each of my other 7 wow licenses on the same email. My partner would do the same. We park all 8 of our lowbies at a graveyard somewhere like ghostlands, and take turns farming each others groups with arcane explosion. Because HKs are shared account wide, we would accumulate 64 HKs per 2 minute rez period, or over 1800 HKs per hour. This would be with just 2 people, if more were interested you can only imagine how fast the farming would be. The only drawbacks to this method that I can think of are actually leveling the toons, which should only take a few hours, and your computer being able to handle the workload. To make the leveling even faster, we could even raf each other and both make 4 toons on alliance and horde, instead of all 8 on the same faction. This would also come at no cost, because the other 7 game licenses would be trial accounts. Any thoughts on this or interest please message me or post below.
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