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    [HB] Prismatic Scale farming. [HIGH RESPAWN] ~10 stacks/h + a lot leather

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    (I've not seen any profile for this before, so here I'm posting this made by me.)
    Hello, I've found out that this place is a pretty nice farming spot for Prismatic scales.
    You are killing the these crocks, at Whitepetal Lake in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
    These are the mobs everyone needs to kill for the daily quests so there will be a lot of dead corpses around here, there will also be a very fast respawn time.
    I've not tested this out that much, but I've managed to get around 4 stacks scales in about 30 min and I got like 6+ stacks leather. (I did maybe got less or more don't really remember and don't got skinning anymore, I just remember it was really good)
    (I did test this a while ago when there was a lot killing these)

    Since there are a lot of peoples at this spot, I don't recommend using this like 24h straight, but you should probably understand that.

    Have fun boting and say if you've found any bugs.
    It should also have a valid mailbox and vendor/repair. (not sure if the horde one is working but it should)




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