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    Diablo 3 Exclusive: Resource System Explored!

    OwnedCore coming at you with a new Diablo 3 Article concerning their newly developed Resource System! I'm sure we are all aware of the class line up, but I'll brush up your knowledge bank! The classes for Diablo 3 are as followed: Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter. For those of you that have done their research and have played previous editions of Diablo, such as Diablo 2, will notice there is a huge similarity with some of the classes. You'll recognize Barbarians, Wizard(Sorceress), Witch Doctor (Necro Equiv.) and Demon Hunter (Amazon). It doesn't matter if you're a veteran or a newbie to the Diablo series, every gamer knows what your resources are, be it ammunition, health packs, potions, flasks, etc. There is a huge similarity to Diablo 2's look and feel of the resource bubbles, but there are a few variants coming in Diablo 3. Managing your resources effeciently is the name of the game, it's what gives your Barbarian his fury, what gives your Demon Hunter their discipline, etc. As you take damage, your Life Orb will begin to dwindle down until your finally deceased, dead, biting the big one, cashing in your chips, you get the idea! Here is an example of the Life Orb, its self-explanatory, the red being kool-aid, jk, it's representing blood, your bodies conductor.

    You will always be keeping an eye on that luscious orb with the demon screaming for your fathomless soul! No need to worry though, as just like in previous editions of Diablo, D3 is going to allow you to use Health Potions! Like when we we're running Mephisto runs, you WILL be using them sparingly, be sure to pack a lot. Since we have so much urgency in wanting to see more orbs and hear more about them, we'll begin with the Barbarians resources! Blizzard Entertainment's developers have gone a head and made a new Resource System to fit for all the new wonderful classes!

    BARBARIAN: Letting That Fury Go!

    The Barbarian class is an angry, hell-bent, furocious, killer and wields fury as his secondary conductor. Fury is basically the mana to a mage, it's what the Barbarian, or Barb for short uses to complete his actions. Each attack the Barbarian makes is devastating, spells that include: whirlwind, heroic leap (or along the lines of that), and many others. You are able to regenerate your Fury as you complete attacks such as Bash, so you are keeping yourself consistently fueled for that next blow to the demons delicate main frame, their skull. You can also gain Fury from successful attacks, meaning you landed a hit. The only catch is that your Fury depletes over time, meaning if you are out of combat it's going to hit 0 and you're going to have to swing your battle axe once more! If you can learn to maintain the Barb's resources, you'll be a force to be reckoned with. You can be the Bruce Lee of Diablo 3 if you play your cards right. Here is what you should expect to see when you're playing your Barbarian.

    MONK: Spiritual Attunement!

    As a Monk you are going to be using Spirit. Spirit is what fuels you, you are going to be using it for good! You will be relinquishing demons left and right as you swing your bowling ball sized beads back and forth! The Monk is another close quarter fighter, as he will be using his fists or some kind of two handed weapon, depending on your play style. Just like the Barb you will be gaining Spirit through your successful attacks and special abilities given to you through the talent trees. The Monk wields spells such as Seven Sided Strike which dashes through your enemies swiftly slashing each one and allowing for a heavy hit upon each opponent. The Monk's Spirit is what keeps this character fueled and if you can manage it, you will have quite the character to behold. Here are the shiny resource orbs for the Monk.

    WIZARD: Arcane Power Pumping Destroyer!

    Similar to the Witch Doctor, except the Wizard uses Arcane Power. A new resource that hasn't ever been released since Diablo 3. The Wizard uses its magical powers to bestow death upon its opponent from hell. You will be using these attacks at a great distance, giving you the advantage of not being in close quarters where you would be demolished by the Barbarian or Monk. Just like Spirit or Fury, it is quickly regenerated and allows for the user to use spells such as Ray of Frost, Teleport, and Slow Time. The Wizard is a very versatile hero and can get itself out of any heavy situation. They are definitely one of the most powerful classes to date. While attuned to the realm of the arcane, they have devastating spells that dwindle the opponents health to oblivion and has spells at his or her disposal to keep a distance and keep them slowed. The resource orbs are really shiny for the Wizard.

    WITCH DOCTOR: Duh Voodoo Mana Mon!

    Witch Doctor is going to be using Mana, what you would normally see for a caster class in any other MMO or RPG. It is the primary source for most magic, with the exception of Wizards clearly! The Witch Doctor depends on his allies and the support of his summoned monsters, to fight the great fight. The Witch Doctor does have spells that he/she himself can cast, but they are quite minor. Blizzard focused on the Witch Doctor in the same aspect as the Necromancer in Diablo 2, Necro for short. As you are using your voodoo magic to throw your summoned allies in the art of battle, you stand back and slam the enemy with various spells such as: Fire Bomb and Mass Confusion, both very useful spells that could keep your Life Orb from dwindling down to non existence. Who wouldn't want to play a hero that could make the opponent fight amongst their own allies?! Here is the resource orbs for the Witch Doctor, very generic and what you should have seen in previous Diablo's.

    DEMON HUNTER: Your Hatred and Discipline On A Tight Rope!

    The Demon Hunter hero is a very hell-bent ranged attacker who's only focus is to destroy, and cause destruction and utter chaos. He or she will go through anything that's impeding their path just so they can get that one shot to the cranium that will put your pathetic life into misery and despair. They feed off revenge, but must not put themselves in a state of disillusion where they aren't disciplined enough and are caught off guard or put in a situation that could have been easily prevented. The Demon Hunter is fueled with Hatred and Discipline, so you must keep a perfect balance of the two to keep you on cloud 9. People are more susceptible to having hatred than they would discipline, so Blizzard is definitely in the right with this one. Hatred is like a Barbarian's Fury, where it is spent a lot faster and regenerates a lot quicker than Discipline. The Hatred will fuel a wide variety of the hunters spells, where as the Discipline will slowly regenerate and be used for tactical abilities, such as the heavy hitting ones which you can't use quite as often as the smaller damage dealers. There are some cool spells under the Demon Hunter's belt, spells called Bola Shot and Smoke Screen. A perfect example of the resources are when using these abilities. Bola Shot is an AOE which uses Hatred where as the Smoke Screen allows you to vanish, and it takes much preparation and skill to hone, hence you must have Discipline. This hero will be a very balanced one, and will allow for a monumental amount of challenges and fun events. The resource orbs for the Demon Hunter are by far the best ones shown.

    That was one huge run down of the new Diablo 3 Resource System which has been renovated from the ground up! The different classes were also given a great description of what they have to offer and to hopefully give the reader a good idea on what hero he or she plans to play. While the ground rules are set in stone for how the resources are spent, it is up to the PLAYER to come up with smart ways to use them through passive abilities and various skills to maximize them to the best of each heroes ability. Now pick a hero and make sure you made the right decision, because each hero will take time and patience to hone their skill and to maximize them to their full potential. Good luck to everyone and I hope as you venture through the pits of hell and explore the barren wastelands of the endless desert, you gain enough knowledge to overpower all your fiendish foes and bring light to the ever darkening world of Diablo 3, which is on the brink of a monumental collapse. I leave you with enough knowledge to make your mark through your travels, and to paste your name into the history books and have all the merchants and travelers fearing you or loving you for your devilish or wonderful deeds. Thanks for reading! Let us know how you liked the article in the comment section below. We love to read and reply to all the different opinions our community has.
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