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    Eligium Assistant/Walker/built-in bot opener at any level

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    Eligium has a built in bot called the "assistant".
    In the Frogster (North America) version it was disabled starting with Open Beta.

    Looks like this:

    Apparently (according to the Frogster forum) some others have been using it by using a different version of the client (where it is still enabled), and, or, some have figured how how to patch/script enable it too.
    I've seen people using it I'm sure. Like alt healers/buffers obviously robotically following people around (see below), etc.

    Now you can use it in the Frogster version simply using this Lua script, plus it removes the level limit so you can start using at level 1 even vs the normally hard coded level 25 limit!

    Just unpack the archive, copy "OpenAssistant.lua" to the root of your Eligium game folder.
    I.E. Copy it to "C:\Program Files\Eligium", or what ever
    A Lua script file is just a text file, you can open it up in Notepad or your favorite text editor, etc.

    Using it:
    Copy and paste, and, or type this line in the game chat box and hit enter:
    /runscript ..\OpenAssistant.lua

    The Assistant Console window should come up as shown in the above image.

    How to actually use the assistant:
    I will not make a guide for it my self. It should be fairly obvious if you play around with it.
    And something minimal here: Assistant Eligium Wiki
    Maybe someone will create, and, or, post a link to a complete user guide..

    Apparently it can be used it a number of ways:
    1) As a semi-AFK bot: It won't auto-reapair; It won't run to the nearest repair NPC, and as of this writing there is AFAIK no item mall repair item, etc.
    And unless you limit the type of loot (on the "Advanced" tab) your bags will fill up, etc.
    Also it doesn't seem to be much aware of other players.

    Obviously it's still a "bot" even if it's built-in so you could get banned for using it around others!

    2) With a party: Looks like one should be able to multi-account, and, or, multi-box accounts in a party.
    You can use the assitant on other accounts to follow around and buff, heal you, and prehaps kill assist, etc.

    3) Buff bot, auto-looter, auto-potter: To keep your buffs up automatically, etc.

    ..>> Download <<..

    If there is any kind of update it will be here: Macromonkey Eligium thread

    You take all responsibility and liability for using, and, or, possessing this script et al.
    No warranty expressed or implied.
    If you get an account ban, loose an appendage, you or your computer has a meltdown,
    you spill scalding coffee on your crotch, rage after eating to many Twinkies, or anything in between - then don't blame me for it.
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    Eligium: The Chosen One, (German: Eligium – Der Auserwählte, Chinese: 魔界2, Eligium for short), is a free to play MMORPG that is very similar to Snail Game’s The Chosen MMO. If you are bored of the ordinary mmorpg, please pay attention to upcoming mmorpg Otherland! It must be the most unique game you have played.
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