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    WTT 85 WoW Account -OR- 50 Sith Juggernaut SW:ToR Account -FOR- CDKey&Game Time Card

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    I've played World of Warcraft since 2004, and that means this account would be eligible for any "loyalty" rewards that may be coming to the WoW Universe soon. I have a main character- an 85 Horde Rogue, that is available for transfer, either to a new account, realm, or faction.

    This account also has other high levels, including a Hunter, a Druid, and a Priest. The account also has a secondary account linked under my name- which means you get two accounts for the price of one. Not too many great characters on the second account.

    The Rogue, I have spent over 2,000+ hours online, and have many achievements. I've got 100+ mounts, tons of collectible tabards, plenty of pets, and very funny and useful engineering junk. I collect Novelty items from the game on my Rogue.

    Now if you're not interested in this WoW account, I have another offer.
    I have an active SW:ToR Account with the main being a 50 Sith Juggernaut. 300k+ Credits, and many many purples.
    I just want to activate the account I used in the beta-testing of ToR.

    A Deluxe edition would be perfect, though I will settle for a standard edition. A game time card is definitely required, or no deal.

    HERE IS WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR -> An unused CD-Key for SW:ToR, so I can register my account, because I've downloaded the game. I was a beta-tester, and I wish to also receive the founder medal. I feel very comfortable if this were given, because the account is under my name, and I wouldn't lose any benefits my Beta-testing may have or may haven't given to me. In addition, I'd need an unused Pre-paid game time card code, to activate the account.

    Reach me at if you would like to speak with an IM service please let me know what your name is and what service is preferable for our communication.

    Thanks again
    - Craig

    ***Simply: Trading Epic WoW account for unused CD-Key for SW:ToR and an unused game time code.***

    Contact me at any of these options below:

    SKYPE: craig.bredlow




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