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How I earn my gold atm.

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by , 10-21-2010 at 06:47 PM (6934 Views)
Many people are still making gold from glyphs after patch 4.0.1 – a patch that has been named ”Glyphmas” due to the high amount of gold made from glyphs. Many people have asked what I do to make gold, well not a lot, not a lot different from what most guys do, but let me spill it to you anyways.

Firstly I would like to thank the guys writing blogs about their gold experience in WoW – one I particularly likes to follow is anaalius’ hunt for gold, it is a good blog with loads of info. Thank you.

What is this, I don’t even… Do you use bots? Yes I use bots and I use many different bots, all depending on what I want to farm. If I want to farm lowlevel stuff (that sell well) then I use my private bot, since it just does a better job than Gather and HonorBuddy. If I want to farm leather or pets then I use HonorBuddy or my personal slave “xsx”.

The materials that my gatherbots are farming for me have different destinies. The saronite is either flipped over using the saronite shuffle and then ending up as enchanting mats and that way ending their lives as scrolls or raw enchanting mats on the AH. Sometimes the saronite is just made into bars and then sold.

The titanium gathered will be sold raw on the AH, prospected and sold or alternatively made into titansteel bars and sold. All depending on the current market.
Herbs are sold raw when it’s over 28 gold per stack, this way I can sell other mats as well, such as frost lotuses. This naturally depends on how the flasks market is being handled.
Leather is almost always being sold directly on ah, but the market on my server sucks for this.
Fishing, is sleeping with the fishes. 12g per stack NTY

I currently enjoy playing the auctionhouse a lot. The enchant market is a goldmine and after 4.0.1 specially enchants such as Mongoose are in high demand. (Mongoose can be soloed from Karazhan)
Due to the high demand of Mongoose enchants many of the mats (at least on my server) have gone quite scarce. Greater Planar essence sells for 24g on good days – if you are selling. This brings me to a new tip.

If your faction have Halaa (in Nagrand) then you should go there and buy “Arkadian Claymore” and “The sharp Cookie” from Coreiel. You can only carry one of each so buy them and DE, repeat two times – this should give you around 10 GBE and a few arcane dust. Total cost for the two weapons (1 round) ~11 gold.

I have found it to be very profitable to buy out all arcane dust (on many servers they are around 3gold per one) and resell it at 14 gold. Usually ends up giving you a good amount of profit.

The return of a good old friend
The last week I have made around 20.000 gold from having an old friend visit me. Not really, but it is an old method that almost all of us used when we hit level 80 and wanted to make gold in early WotLK. Greater Cosmic Essences are going for 29 gold on my server. Sick! It is the good old days back again. You can farm/create these quite easily with the saronite shuffle or cobalt axes or helmets. Pretty epic and you should take advantage of it for as long as you can.

Future (cata)

I have one or two Razzazi Hatchlings put away in guildbank to be posted in 6 ish months when they are no longer in game. Therefore they could receive the same status as the Ruby Shades once sold by Haris Pilton for 5 copper, they were later removed from that vendor and now go for quite a bit on the AH, I have seen them sell at 25.000 gold!!

I will be farming/botting/buying some lowlevel materials for all the people that needs to level new professions in cata. There is a whole goldmine to be made here, something as stupid as “Turtle Meat” can be sold for 200g per stack due to it being a quest requirement in tanaris iirc.

On another note, the goldcap have been raised to be 1.000.000 gold now that is a new goal

What are you doing to prepare for cata or to improve your gold now?

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  1. Parog's Avatar
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    Awesome KuR, I'll give it a try. =) Currently trying to make a list of everything that will be removed in Cata that could be farmed right now for profit. ( Achievements pets and items, etc. )
  2. danbirk's Avatar
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    can't wait to see you hit the new 1mil gold cap
  3. xsx's Avatar
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    /me thinks KurIoS is a *exploiter*
  4. BrightChild's Avatar
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    ive never had over 6k gold :*(


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