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Going for Gold

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by , 10-16-2010 at 09:05 AM (5813 Views)
A followup on the gold situation.

I wrote some time ago about the hypocrisy of a goldfarmer or the double moral of a botter. In that blog I shortly talked about the gold making on the auction house – let’s follow up on that.

Due to the AuctionHouse bot that is still on my realm I haven’t been making as much as I really wanted on the enchants and glyphs market, but I have made a fair bit, but only around 1700g per day where I suspect that I would be able to get around 3-5000 if he wasn’t there. Oh well no reason to cry over spilled milk.

I will first talk about the new auctionwhore that I started on a new server about 2-2˝ weeks ago
I started a new auctioneer on a fresh server just trying to see if I could pull some of the tricks from my previous server (where I am still going strong) to my new one. I have a 80 there, for farming so it is not entirely fresh. I started small just going for the enchant section due to the low costs of reposting the mats on the auctionhouse. I hit a lucky straight since a lot of people wanted to get their alts up before 4.0.1 and cata I guess, so it sold rather quickly. On top of that I had a few mats from the botter to sell.

Before patch 4.0.1 I was sitting at around 20k on that server, but spent a good few thousand gold to buy new stuff before the patch, I mainly focused on Dragon’s eye since everyone needed to regem after patch I also bought some glyphs, but not too many since I wasn’t too sure how the market would react to them becoming “learned”. After the patch I had a bit of trouble getting online and I am guessing that it has cost me the initial goldwave, but I still managed to resell for quite a bit of profit and I am now sitting at around 50.000 gold on the new server. Being a real bastard at patch days is bringing in the gold as well. I bought around 200 Vanishing powders at 6s each (30silver per stack at 5 pieces per stack) and reselling them at 2g each on the auctionhouse. Bringing in a fair bit of gold for doing nothing at all.

On my “main auctioneer” I haven’t had too much of a progress. The botter is still online, so as I described earlier I am not bringing in as much as I should. Gotta love Blizzard and how they dont ban botters, but people who exploit a bit with some stupid Justice Points gets the hammer..... I am not going to go into too much of a detail here since it is mostly like what I described in my earlier blog. I have been buying low reselling high as you should if you want to earn gold like a mad idjit. An example of this would be arcane dust – which is used for quite a few enchants that are useful for 80’s. I bought all of the arcane dust at 2-3g each and resold it at 6g each, bought in a lot of gold, then what you do is wait until prices have settled at 2-3g again and repeat the process. Easiest gold ever, however you need to do your research, otherwise you will end up losing a lot.

Anyways I am at 200.000 gold with 4 hyacinth macaws in guildbank and lots of materials to sell as well.

How are you guys doing on the gold front? and what are you doing to advance on it

Some things to consider while farming for gold

As stated in the Under Dev page, patch 4.0.3 brings about The Shattering, a cataclysmic event that will forever change the face of Azeroth. As we prepare to raise the level cap and introduce two new races with the Cataclysm expansion, it's important to keep in mind that the game world is going through tremendous changes that will affect the availability of certain rare mounts and items.

  • Swift Zulian Tiger Zul'Gurub is changing from a raid to a leveling zone in 4.0.3, and this mount will no longer be obtainable.

  • Swift Razzashi Raptor This mount will also no longer be obtainable after the change to Zul'Gurub.

  • Razzashi HatchlingWith the change to Zul'Gurub this non-combat pet will no longer be obtainable.

  • Tome of Polymorph: Turtle This tome will continue to be available through other means.

  • Crusader's White/Black Warhorse and Swift Alliance Steed/Swift Horde Wolf As the attempt-based tribute system is being removed from Heroic Trial of the Crusader, the Argent Crusade Tribute Chest will no longer spawn, and these mounts will no longer be obtainable.

  • Reins of the Blue Drake This mount will once again be available from defeating 10-player Malygos without needing to use the Dungeon Finder. The Reins of the Azure Drake will only be available on 25-player Malygos.

  • Mimiron's Head This mount will change to be a very low drop chance when defeating 25-player Yogg'Saron with no Keepers assisting you.

  • Invincible This mount will change to be a very low drop chance when defeating Heroic 25-player Lich King.

Although we have no current plans to introduce new ways to obtain the Zul'Gurub mounts, pets, and the tribute mounts, they may return should we find a place where they fit in the future.

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  1. Insomniaco's Avatar
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    Hello KuRIoS, nice to read on a night like this. I've always been fascinated by that auctioneerstyle, however, I've always been too afraid of not being able to sell my bought goods for a higher price. I just need to get past that problem, and hopefully I will become a successfull auctioneer.

    I have recently been trying to grind the raptor non-combat pet in ZG, but sometimes, it just doesn't go your way. I'm also trying to kill the rare spawns in dire maul who got such much higher rate of dropping orb of deception then usual mobs (the dire maul arena).

    I've also noticed the strong interest in thorium ore, which I mine in the Hakkari Thorium Veins. I havn't gotten one single ore back from the auction house yet!, and I can't really say I'm underpricing it.

    I really appriciate your effort, KuRIoS, in what you do on this site and in World of Warcraft. Thank you for all your spent time, all your replies, threads, and tips, I salute with the greatest respect.
  2. nagz's Avatar
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    I've recently been testing out how much gold I can farm in instances on my Death Knight due to the ever-inflating prices of enchanting materials and my results have been amazing. Even just ramparts gives me about 200g a run. Also, I really enjoy farming instances XD. Btw death knights are by far the best instance farmers. (i run as frost)


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