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  1. [Noob Friendly] Compiling ArcEmu from scratch
  2. [Guide]Compiling ArcEmu+public+website setup
  3. [Guide] Stability Issues (And Possible Fixes)
  4. SQL Guide
  5. [Guide]3.3.2 Arcemu server + Public hamachi + nice website
  6. [Mac Guide] Compile Arcemu 3.3.2 on Mac
  7. [Guide] How to compile TrinityCore, Start to Finish
  8. [Guide] How to compile: Arcemu 3.3.2
  9. [Tutorial] Compiling your own ArcEmu repack/server for beginners.
  10. How to make a wow instance!!!
  11. [ArcEmu] How to make custom Quests and NPC's
  12. [Share]Custom item Colors!
  13. 3.3.2 Emote, Faction & Spell IDs
  14. [Guide]Guild Housing System for the latest TrinityCore2 (rev7438)
  15. [Lua] Spell Guide
  16. [Tip] Have No Server Restart After You Add Items
  17. Macros and Mangos: Using Debug/Modifying your Character
  18. [Tutorial]Editing DBC
  19. Macro and Mangos- A Command Guide
  20. A Library of Lua Commands
  21. [Guide]Create a custom starting zone!
  22. {Guide} on the columns in Item.csv
  23. What Emulator Should You Use?
  24. [Guide] Running Your Private Server For Dummies
  25. Reduce Lag Caused by Multiple Lua Scripts
  26. [Guide] How to build own Custom House
  27. [Mini-Tutorial] How many pjs my server hold?
  28. Stop NPC's falling through GameObjects
  29. [Fast & Easy] How to transfer Large DB without SQL
  30. [Lua] Not Everything is Perfect
  31. [Useful] Server Auto start after crash
  32. Change ur name
  33. Guide : How to make new class specific quest
  34. [Guide] Setting up an Arcemu server 3.3.0a + Public + Make Items
  35. [Common Sense Guide] N00b's Guide To Finding a Good Private Server!
  36. How to safely shutdown your server
  37. [GUIDE]Apply for position page
  38. create account form
  39. [Linux/Debian] Server setup + MaNGOS Compile
  40. How to make custom Extended_cost + pics
  41. [Easy]Creating your own custom portals
  42. {SuperGuide} Compiling Scripts using Scriptdev2 in MaNGOS
  43. [Lua] Gossip Dropdown Menus
  44. How to Compile Extra C++ Scripts in Arcemu
  45. How to fix your ArcEmu repack for 3.3.0a! (need a 3.3.0a repack already)
  46. [Linux] Compiling Guide - ArcEmu 3.3 / 3.2
  47. [Arcemu Compiling Guide] How to compile Vmap, Map, DBC extractor
  48. [ArcEmu] All Game-Master/Admin Commands
  49. [BEG]Mangos for 1.1.2 Need Help plz
  50. How to : Basic Gossip NPC
  51. Mangos Weapon and Class Trainers
  52. [List] LuaHypArc Command List
  53. [Lua] How to write notes to yourself
  54. How to get your Server+Website Live!
  55. Emulation: The Basics.
  56. !GUIDE! Setup LAN server MaNGOs Platinum 1.12.1
  57. {SuperGuide} Create,Compile,Configure,MaNGOS + UDB + Scriptdev2(IMAGES)
  58. how to compile a trinitycore+start the server.
  59. C++ TuT Creature AI.
  60. Create a custom class.
  61. Macro for adding all available In-game titles on a Mangos based server
  62. [Guide]How to make NPC casting spells(LUA)
  63. [Lua] How to script a quest.
  64. The ultimate dedicated server guide + links to filez! [Txt n Img heavy]
  65. Amusing script functions
  66. How to now connect to Private Servers with a BNET merged client.
  67. [EPIC GUIDE] Make any private server public non hamachi
  68. Compiling custom scripts on Linux
  69. [Arcemu] How to edit Spawn Locations, items, and spells
  70. Need spell script !
  71. [Guide Mac ] Setup a 3.2.2 Mac server (Arcemu)
  72. [Lua] Adding a cooldown to your gossip script
  73. Arc-Emu vmaps v3 guide
  74. [GUIDE] MaNGOS 3.2.2a - Now in 3 Flavors!
  75. Custom Talents - How To (Scrub Friendly)
  76. How to make a Shopping Mall guide + Decorations ID
  77. P1ratens Info Heaven.
  78. [GUIDE MAC] How to setup a WoW server on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow leopard)
  79. Ascent Private server commands
  80. Mangos Commands with examples
  81. How to change start locations, no skills needed
  82. Setting up a Second Realm
  83. How to compile ArcEmu 3.2.0 Step By Step!
  84. [ArcEmu Guide] How To Compile And Edit Your Own Repack.
  85. [Lua Guide] Morpher NPC
  86. [noob friendly]making custom items and import em
  87. [noob friendly]making custom items and import em
  88. [Lua Guide] Level NPC
  89. [Lua Guide] Teleport NPC
  90. [Guide] Free ventrilo server
  91. [Guide] Add a 'Reload ScriptEngine Command' - ArcEmu Version
  92. How to make a 3.2.0 Server and fix bugs!
  93. {Guide } Making a Simple Mob \ Npc Using Quice (with Images ) In Extreme details
  94. [Guide] Add a 'Reload ScriptEngine Command'
  95. [GUIDE] Repair MAJOR ERROR/WARNING on creature_spawns [Wrong Column Count]
  96. NPC lua spell commands [GUIDE]
  97. Quick easy way to make PhpBB3 create a game account for Mangos (3.1.3)
  98. [Hint for beginners] How to equip weapons to NPC's
  99. [tut]How to make a vendor
  100. [Tut] How to remove the red ? mark from custom items! [/Tut]
  101. [Template/Guide] Easy Teleporter NPC for all your servers needs!!
  102. How to add spells to GameObjects.
  103. [ArcEmu] 3.1.3 Server. Very Very VERY Easy.
  104. How to customized Bosses and the Loots
  105. How to restart mysql password
  106. Make/Use Custom Launcher(s)
  107. [Guide] How to make a server work for all wotlk patches
  108. [EPICZ] VMap/LoS guide for mangos in 1-2-3 [NOOB-FRIENDLY]
  109. [EPICZ] Scriptdev2 Compiling / Making your mobs attack! USER-FRIENDLY
  110. [Guide]Fixing the Talent bug! *Arcemu*
  111. [Arcemu] How to make your server public with hamachi N00B friendly and fast
  112. [Tut] How to make custom items, And add them to the DB!
  113. Mall Guard NO C++ and NO LUA
  114. How to make a zone a sanctuary.
  115. [guides] boss and gossip npc in c++
  116. How to set up a Remote MYSql Connection
  117. How to make a new currency and adding it to your DB.
  118. [GUIDE] More Advanced Lua
  119. Cleaning Up Your Database (Ascent derivatives - Aspire, Hearth, Arc, etc)
  120. Namexx's 3.1.3 TrinityCore Server - Best 3.1.3 Repack - Public Server Guide
  121. How to make an Area a Free For all PVP
  122. Making Quests: Arc-Emu
  123. Amazing Lua guide!!!
  124. Making portals in LUA
  125. How to make a Webserver with nice forums !
  126. Understanding The basics of Lua Locals!
  127. [Guide] 3.0.9 ArcEmu Server Guide, Weapon and NPC Tut, and Public W/+W/out Hamachi
  128. How to make an NPC do something on Right Click!
  129. [Noob Friendly] Custom Flight Paths (Requires client side patch)
  130. [LUA] Let a mob cast a spell, On another mob
  131. Create a Heal NPC
  132. COMPLETE Lua command List!! VERY USEFUL!!!!!
  133. Make your own custom Sign
  134. Creating Creatures
  135. Installing MaNGOS 3.1.3
  136. [Noob Friendly] Custom Factions
  137. How to advertise your server
  138. Compiling Spurious Emulator
  139. [ULTIMATE] Lua Guide & Tutorial
  140. How to compile Mangos 3.1.X!
  141. [GUIDE]Your Public Server from Scratch
  142. [Noob Friendly] Creating a Sanctuary or Free For All Zone
  143. [Share] Lua Commands.
  144. Working with SQL Querys and How to Make them!
  145. A list of Good Lua Commands!!!
  146. How to script a npc in c++
  147. [Tut - Pictures]: How to Compile C++ Scripts following your ExtraScripts Folder.
  148. mangos quest xp
  149. [Wow-v Turorial] How to make Blizzlike items. By Darkwiz787.
  150. [Tutorial] How to have colors on your menu (LUA)
  151. MySQL Help
  152. How to Compile your own maps for any Revision
  153. [Lua] A small introduction to tables
  154. Removing a Spell from Mangos
  155. [LUA] Portal Creation
  156. How to update the DB in your repack
  157. The Ulitmate Soruce! (ALL IN ONE)
  158. Understanding Lua
  159. [GUIDE] How to make a MaNGOS Server
  160. How to make a NPC follow another npc!
  161. [C++] Creating A Custom User Command
  162. [VIDEO GUIDE] How to download, compile, and configure MaNGOS with UDB
  163. [GUIDE] MaNGOS 3.1.3 Super Simple Server Setup Wizard (noobpack+)
  164. How To Compile Noob Friendly for 3.1.x
  165. [Guide] Compiling Flexible DB Editor
  166. How To Make a Goblin Race
  167. How To Make a Public Server
  168. How to compile arcemu 3.1.x!
  169. [Noob Friendly] Creating Custom requirement for your vendor
  171. A Simple SQL trick for Beginners!
  172. [ADVICE] Here is some advice for people stuck with portforwarding.
  173. How to make custom starting items
  174. [GUIDE] How to make a new currency and adding it to your DB
  175. [Guide] How to compile anything /w pics
  176. [Guide] Lua Gossip on Items (Average)
  177. [Guide] How to create a monster, + Lua guide
  178. 2 Quick Methods to Downgrade 3.1.1 - 3.0.9
  179. [Video] How to compile.
  180. [Solution] Custom Items
  181. How to make 2 realms
  182. Make a catapult that throw you away!
  183. Your guide to compiling Arcemu.
  184. [ASCENT] Adding custom GM commands w/ pics!
  185. [Guide] How to easily add a C++ script to your server
  186. PreSetup PBWoW
  187. [tutorial] Compiling custom scripts
  188. [Guide] Give A User Permission to Access Your Database
  189. Title ID list
  190. [Easy Guide] Get up your website online!
  191. Npc Lua Teleport Script
  192. How to public your server(100% work)+guide port forwading
  193. Mangos Custom Buildings !
  194. How to understand Lua - The Basics
  195. [C++] Gossip Example Script/Guide
  196. [GUIDE] how to get your server public whit hamachi..easy.
  197. How to depatch WoW
  198. How to make your website Secure
  199. How to make a staff only realm
  200. [Guide-Fix] How to get stats visible [Mangos]
  201. How to Compile Hearthstone Core
  202. (TUT) How to enter custom objects / find them out.
  203. [GUIDE] Make a sign
  204. [MANGOS] getting an npc to use AoE spells on friendly players
  205. [Guide] Make Large Go Objects Work Properly!
  206. Create a WoW Private server Website Easy & Fast! (Web Creator)
  207. [NOOB] How To Make Mobs
  208. {EPIC} How to get your ArcEmu private server up and going for Dummies
  209. How to make custom mounts!
  210. How to make a item cost honor,arena points and tokens
  211. [EPIC GUIDE] How To Make a 3.1 Server With ArcEmu/Hearthstone and Edit It!
  212. [Guide] Having 3.1.1 & playing on 3.0.9 servers
  213. [Guide]How to Port forward (router and no router)
  214. How to compile arcemu
  215. VERY EASY WoW 2.4.3 TBC Server (also with Hamachi/LAN)
  216. [GUIDE] Lua - Begginers -> Advanced
  217. [Guide][DNS] How to make server public [Easy & Newb Friendly]
  218. [Guide][Aspire] Hearthstone Server Setup [Easy & Newb friendly]
  219. Making Server Public | Also Listed a Problem Other guides dont mention
  220. Making server Public Problems - Read here
  221. [Guide] How to Advanced Lua.
  222. [Guide]How to Change the Starter Location!
  223. WTB Public W/O hamachi guide removal?
  224. [SQL] A Beginner's Guide
  225. [Guide] Scripting Items In LUA
  226. Make your server public. NO HAMACHI
  227. [Guide]Lua [Beginner]
  228. [Utility] Backup and Downgrade to 3.0.1
  229. How to change custom vendors <names>
  230. Profession sql Scripting [Beginner] ArcEmu
  231. [GUIDE] How to update server with revs
  232. FTP Server
  233. Guide: To add adminstrator on a website!
  234. [LUA]Teleporter
  235. One line FREE all.
  236. [Guide] Creating Quests For Newbs [ArcEmu]
  237. [Epic Guide] Setting Up and Running an ArcEmu Server from Scratch!
  238. [ArcEmu]Making your server public without using Hamachi! (Advanced, but works)
  239. Wats up with Russia anyways?
  240. How To Make Custom Signs
  241. Stepping Into C++ [Updated]
  242. [TuT - With Pics]: How to compile custom Boss/Npc C++
  243. Remove Buff from NPC??
  244. [GUIDE]Through the Database [MOB SCRIPTING]
  245. Cigma Repack + Guide v2 [Images]
  246. Strange thing with adding Objects...
  247. Item Spells!!! -Noob Freindly (like always)
  248. Title ID's
  249. [Guide] Running A Succesful Private Server
  250. How To Host 2 Realms on 1 Computer